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Terms for Who's That WAHM Submissions

Please read all terms of service before submitting your site. Your submission indicates that you have read and understand these Terms.

Who's That WAHM is a who's who directory of work-at-home moms (WAHMs) and women in business. While listings provide free advertising, the purpose is to provide information about WAHMs - who they are, what they do, how to contact them, etc.

• All submissions must be in English.
• All submissions are to be written about YOU, the woman in business, not only about your business, or your spouse or your children - though all of those may be mentioned. This is a site about YOU.
• Submissions that are only about your business or that sound like a mere ad for your business will not be accepted.
• All submissions are to be written as description in the third person (as in she said, she is, etc.) and not in the first person (as in I am, I did, etc.).
• A photo of YOU is required. Logos, graphics, clipart or photos of your children, pets, spouse, etc. will not be accepted. This is a site about YOU.
• Completion of all fields marked with an asterisk (*) is required. All submissions must be complete.
• We reserve the right to edit, re-categorize or delete any listing for any reason with or without notice.
• Adult sites are not permitted. Submissions that contain links to websites with adult, warez, racism, anti-Christian or pornographic content, including internal or external links, ads, or banners will NOT be accepted. This applies to passion party sites since they contain "adult toys" which are very graphic.
• Submissions with websites that contain illegal content including: child pornography, libel, copyright infringement or material that is inclusive of illegal activities will NOT be accepted.
• We do not accept submissions to websites that contain broken links.
• Only one submission per person with up to three businesses/websites included.
• Include a quality description of up to 200 words with your website. Avoid punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes to ensure prompt approval.
• Submissions that sound like blatant advertising or that link to sites utilizing excessive pop-up or pop-under advertising will not be accepted.
• Use correct capitalization. The first letter of each sentence in descriptions and proper nouns should be capitalized. Submissions with all letters CAPITALIZED or submitted without using capital letters will be rejected.
• This site is dedicated solely to work-at-home moms (WAHMs) and women in business. If your business does not qualify as a WAHM or woman in business, your request for inclusion will be denied.

• These terms may be updated and amended at any time without prior written notice. The latest terms will apply to every submission and every listing on the site.

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