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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? Find the answer here!

What is Who’s That WAHM?
Who’s That WAHM is a who’s who directory of work-at-home moms, direct sales consultants and women in business. Our goal is to help you learn more about the WAHMs themselves rather than just their businesses.

What is a Who’s Who Directory?
According to Dictionary.com a Who’s Who Directory is a reference work containing short biographical entries on the outstanding persons in a country, industry, profession, etc. We are the Who’s Who of WAHMs.

What is a WAHM?
WAHM is an abbreviation for Work At Home Mom. In order to balance financial needs with family life, many moms choose to run small businesses from their homes as WAHMs.

How do I find a certain WAHM business on Who’s That WAHM?
Each WAHM has an informational profile page in the Who’s That WAHM directory. WAHMs are also listed by category in the Category Directory.

Where can I submit feedback about a WAHM?
We’ll be setting up an online forum soon where you can offer feedback on WAHMs you know. Until then, feel free to contact us with the name of the WAHM and the comments (good or bad) you’d like to make.

How can I submit my WAHM profile to Who's That WAHM?
To list your WAHM profile, click on the “Submit Your Site” link on the left-hand menu. Read the full terms of submission then click the link at the bottom of the page to submit your listing. Submissions that meet the outlined criteria will be approved.

What's "third person"?
WAHM profiles must be written using third person pronouns. When writing your profile, be sure to use words like “she” and “her” rather than “I” and “my.” For example, instead of saying “I have three kids,” write “She has three kids.”

How do I become a featured WAHM?
One Featured WAHM will be chosen randomly at the beginning of each month from those who have indicated on their submission form that they will support Who's That WAHM with a link on their website. Only WAHMs who have a live link in a prominent place on their site will be eligible.

What advertising opportunities are available?
As small business owners, we know that WAHMs need to maximize every advertising dollar! There are several low-cost advertising opportunities available at Who’s That WAHM, including button ad and featured resource text ads. Visit the Advertising page for more information.

How do I become a Volunteer?
In order to promote the WAHM community, Who’s That WAHM needs your help! There are many great ways in which you can volunteer, from promoting the site to writing blog posts. If you have special talents, we’d love to utilize them! Visit the Volunteer page for more information. Volunteers receive a listing in our Volunteer Gallery in addition to their standard profile.

How can I start my own WAHM business?
Think you’d like to become a WAHM? There are countless businesses that you can start! WAHM businesses provide great flexibility but do require hard work. There are hundreds of helpful sites and articles around. Consider these for starters:
Quality Business Writing
Show Mom the Money

What's a reciprocal link?
A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two websites. To create a reciprocal link, site owners add each other’s links to their own websites. Reciprocal links help to create shared traffic and help improve search engine results. Since Who's That WAHM offers a link to your website on your profile page here, we would love to have a reciprocal link to our site in return! Not mandatory... but nice!

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?
We want to answer all your questions! If your question isn't answered here, then contact us and we'll do our best to help.


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